Frequently asked questions about selling your new, used, wrecked or junk car to us for cash in Dallas-Fort Worth. compares wholesale market values against the overall
condition of your vehicle to come up with the highest possible offer.
Make an appointment with us. One of our appraisers will come to you and evaluate your auto, and then give you a written offer or pay you cash on the spot. can and will buy your vehicle even if you still owe on it. Just give us your payoff. We can include it when we appraise your car.
New car dealers are in business to sell new cars. They ALWAYS pay well below wholesale for trade-ins. Then they sell those trade-ins for huge profits. If you are offered the true cash value or above for your vehicle as a trade-in from a car dealer, then you can be sure you are paying too much for the new vehicle. Go to another dealer and don’t tell them about your trade-in, and you will see the price difference. Get a quote from for top dollar.
Four words… Time. Money. Hassle. Liability. Sell your vehicle to us fast and easy. buys all makes and models of motor vehicles, and in any condition. Cars, trucks, suvs, vans, motorcycles. Running or not, wrecked or junked.