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I Had no clue how this process works. I thought getting rid of my jalopy was going to be a huge headache. I usually don’t like to be wrong but thankfully these guys showed me how wrong I was. They were extremely friendly, patient, and reliable. Glad I chose them.
Debra Howell, Dallas,TX


This was the best experience when selling my car! They guaranteed the price when I called.Friendly and fast service if you need fast cash for your car, definitely worth a call. He even walked me through the process of notifying the state that the car was no longer mine.
Gus Lloyd, Plano,TX


These guys were awesome.They picked up my car fast and payed me the most money. Highly recommend!!
Michael Thomas, Carrollton,TX


These guys are professional and honest. They were direct, fast, and gave me cash on the spot.
Melissa Wilson, Dallas,TX


Sold my car for cash this morning to these guys and I must say it was fast and easy. My situation was a little difficult because I misplaced the title but no problem they still bought the car.
Tim Smith, Dallas,TX